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The Rise of Blake Blossom

If there is a beautiful creature in the porn industry, a seductress with eyes so gorgeous and enchanting you won’t believe they are real, that is Blake Blossom! Blossom is a mass of flowers, and it reminds us of spring, right? So, every time we look at Blake Blossom, she reminds us of spring, too. Spring is beautiful, inviting, full of life, and so is Blake. Maybe her beauty is what brings her all this success in the porn biz? Maybe her charisma is? She is one of the most searched adult actresses out there, and that must be because of her skills as a porn star!

There are probably not many things Blake Blossom can’t do, and we can see she is smart and sexy, someone who knows what she wants in this life! Many men like blondes, so she is the favorite sex star of many. She is a real bombshell! You can easily imagine her in a couture dress and with her blonde hair wrapped in an elegant bun – it makes her look so classy. And be honest – can you say no to this lovely porn diva? When she smiles, she makes you feel so powerful as a man because you want to protect her, take care of her, do some indecent things to her… It is all fine – you are not the only one who feels that way! It would be kinda weird if you didn’t like Blake Blossom… Common, it’s Blake!

Blake Blossom - The Hottest New Pornstar in 2023

Image from Blake Blossom


Maybe you know this, maybe you don’t – Blake is not only a porn actress. She is a model, a social media personality, and probably a jack of many trades! Maybe she doesn’t know everything in this life, but she sure knows a lot of things! If you check out her erotic filmography on the web, you will see it’s abundant! Who knows how many porn flicks she has starred in? All we know is that she should do it even more! We don’t want this good looker to ever stop doing this.

Well, only if she wants to, of course. Who knows how many secret porn flicks she has in her private collection? We can only imagine the subtle, and not so subtle erotic pics that she takes of herself, or she sends them to her lucky boyfriend, or girlfriend. Yes, there are rumours that Blake is bisexual, so girls can also adore her, and maybe hope for something more. She is currently single which fires the imagination… But with these looks and brains she will not stay single for long!

Something About Her Body…

What you already know is that her body is delightful! She is easy on the eyes, and maybe you want to know her measurements? The 5 feet 7 inches 23-year-old weighs 56 kg. Well, maybe not every day and maybe it’s not 100% true, but it’s an approximate number. Will you be pleased to learn that her bra size is 34D? Yes, it’s perfect! Her boobs are hard to ignore, they are mesmerizing, they are 100% natural! Her face is incredibly symmetrical, and almost too hard to believe! People probably like her because of that innocent look of an angel. And you have to say that she looks like a star! It is easy to imagine her leading some cheerleaders because she is always the center of everyone’s attention! When Blake is in the room, you can bet that all eyes are on her!

Here’s something interesting – she was born in February. This means she is Aquarius, and maybe you don’t know this, but these women are rarely amazing and unique! Maybe every sign is perfect in its own unique ways, but do you know who else is Aquarius? Shakira! Jennifer Aniston! Chloë Grace Moretz! Christina Ricci! And they are all beautiful women! Now, Blake Blossom is American, born in Arizona. She was born in 2000, and has been doing porn for several years now. Sometimes you don’t need many years to become appreciated in the porn biz. When you have what it takes, which she does, everyone can see it! Especially when you look like Blake!

Blake Blossom on Blacked.com

Image from Blacked.com


The Pandemic Was The Time She Started Doing Porn…

In 2020, everyone wanted Blake Blossom everywhere! She did so many movies and that brought her so much fame! Her debut short film was with Jake Adams, and everyone realized that girl would be a big deal in this industry! Talented, stunning, willing to get out of her comfort zone… Yes, Blake Blossom was always destined to be a star. Many people started following her on social media, and she did not even have to try hard for that. Only a few women can do that! Some things can be practiced, but when it comes to Blake, she was born to be a hypnotizing seductress!

She started great, but it took some time for her to decide if she wanted to join the industry at all. She went through a hard time and it helped her decide that it was what she wanted. We are grateful for that because now we have this gem! It’s really shiny and we hope she will be even more successful!

A Real Social Media Star

You can all see that Blake is very lovable. We’ve already mentioned that she is very popular on social media. If you check out her Insta profile, you will see she has so many followers! Maybe not millions of them, but the most loyal 95000+ ones. Plus, if you love bombshells in lux lingerie, you will admire her Insta account! All of her pics are of high quality! Some of them even have an artistic look! Her body is a real work of art, that’s for sure. You can stare at her photos all day, they are that good. She poses all by herself, or you can see her in company of other adult movie stars.

If you want to learn more about Blake Blossom, if you want to read her thoughts, you can follow her on Twitter! Twitter is where she gained the most followers and she is active there the most. Even when she started blogging, it didn’t take much time before she gained over 500k followers! Some women are simply magical, and they can do what they want.

If you go and check out her Twitter account you will not only see her provocative pics, you will be delighted to hear that she books herself, which means that she is still in the business! Also, if you just need a quick reminder how great of a porn star Blake is, on her account you will find gifs, snippets, pics, and short videos of her. We can only thank her because it’s premium content, but it’s free!

Blake also has a platform called LetThemEatBlake, and she has 13k followers there.

They say her net worth is around $600k. Maybe that doesn’t sound like much, but she is still new to the biz and has time to gain even more money!

She is active on Tik Tok too! Well, to be more precise, she has an account, and she has a thousand followers even though she has not made a single post! Talking about Miss Popularity! Maybe, they are all waiting and hoping for her to be generous enough to share her content on this platform as well. There’s a catch though, you can find different „Blake“ accounts, so it still remains a mystery which of her accounts are run by Blake herself!

You may have already guessed that she has an OnlyFans account! If you can’t get enough of Blake, and you want some not-so-easily shared Blake content, you can subscribe for as low as 15 dollars per month. She even offers discounts if you want a longer subscription! The only bad news is that you can’t see a single post without paying, but it’s Blake, so you can bet that you will see some pretty amazing stuff!

If you want to spoil her you can even find her Amazon wishlist! So, yeah, Blake is active on social media every day, and if you are a big fan of hers you will never be bored! She does not leave fans of her work disappointed!

Blake Blossom on Slayed.com

Image from Slayed.com


AVN Awards

Who was the new female performer in January 2022? You have one guess! That’s right – Blake Blossom! She won the Best New Starlet, and she had to compete with so many other good lookers and great talents for porn! The award she won was the Best New Starlet! With so many names in this biz, do you know how hard it is to be something special?

But girls like Blake show us that there are always people who are more charismatic than you! And if someone else wants to win that award, better luck next time! Blake Blossom claimed the Hottest Newcomer Fan-Voted AVN Award, and you can defnitely see that she is someone who can handle all the attention. On her OnlyFans account she stated that she has won this award 5 times! Can you imagine that?!

Blake Blossom for bad behavior

Image from Blake Blossom


And Once Again – Why Do We Love This Goddess?

Well, it is pretty hard not to love her! She looks stunning, she is charming, she is smart, and she is skilled! Besides, she looks very approachable and friendly, that’s always a plus! She has natural and amazing tits! When you have tits like Blake does, it’s easy to overlook other physical features. She has a sculpted ass too, remember that! Considering the fact that she is rather slim looking, her tits and her round, bubbly ass stand out even more! She has no tattoos, and no piercings at the moment.

Blake Blossom is your perfect girl next door, but when you see her in action, you may change your attitude towards her, she acts like a real vixen! That’s why she is one of the most promising porn star this year!

She is not shy and she will try almost everything – from blowjobs and facials to mastubation and good old girl on girl action. Whatever turns you on, Blake has probably already tried it! If not, she is still trying these new things, so there’s a good chance that she eventually will!

Blake is everywhere, she is present on social media more than some other starlets! It’s hard to love someone who isn’t on social media these days. You can just look at her pics, or pay for the content she makes. Today many porn stars profit from Only Fans, and she also has it.

Even if she chooses to retire from her porn filming career in the future, maybe she will stick to her Only Fans business, which can be even more thrilling than all the adult movies she makes. As you can see, she is comfortable playing different roles and trying out all the different poses and kinks. What more can we ask from this beautiful lady?

You can find her content everywhere! Her social media features short videos, that’s true, so if you are in the mood for longer videos you can easily find her work on some of the free adult videos platforms! Considering the fact that she is a new porn star, her videos are popular among all types of viewers! Short ones, long ones, scripted ones, in any kind of adult movie, she shines brightly!

If you like natural tits, blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, skillfull, smart, and eager to please women, you will love Blake Blossom as much as we do! What can be more attractive than a good looking girl who loves sex?? We like girls comfy in their own skin the most, and it seems that Blake really enjoys her own sexuality! That can inspire other women to also love their bodies! So what if men want to play with themselves when they see beautiful women? It brings them success, and we all want success in this life! Beautiful women have always inspired the world, and that will probably never change!

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