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Sex During Period

Is it safe?

This is probably the very first question on your mind. Your very first instinct will be not to put things into a bleeding hole, right? Well, that is correct for wounds and scrapes, but when it comes to your period, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t do it! It’s normal to worry about it, especially if you’ve never done it before, but know that you will be perfectly safe. However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind – if you’re with a new partner, and you’re not sure whether he has any STDs, then you’re going to have to use protection. Also, if you have any disease that can be transmitted through blood, like HIV or Hepatitis, then it’s not a good idea to have sex where blood is involved – unless your partner already has the same disease as you do.

What are the benefits?

There are a few upsides to period sex as opposed to regular sex! Climaxing while you’re on your period will help diminish cramps. Some women might get a stronger cramp as they are orgasming, but the release of feel-good chemicals will relax your body, and subsequently relax your uterine muscles. Plus, when you’re having sex, you won’t be thinking about pain and discomfort (unless you have debilitating symptoms). There are some studies that have shown sex during period can make it shorter, because orgasms push the tissue and blood out faster. Your libido may increase, and that’s never a bad thing! The blood can act as a natural lubricant, helping things go much smoother than usual. And finally, more than fifty percent of women experience headaches during their period, and we all know that a good session in the bed can help you forget all about your pain!

Can you get pregnant?

Although logic dictates that it’s impossible to get pregnant while you’re bleeding, the truth is slightly different. If you’re not working on a baby, it’s a good idea to have protection. The odds of conceiving while you’re on your period are much lower, but it’s still possible, especially for women that have irregular cycles. Sperm can survive up to seven days in your body, and if it so happens that you ovulate shortly after your period is over, you might get pregnant! If you have short periods, the chances of becoming pregnant are much higher, so don’t test fate and wear protection.

The most obvious side effect is the mess. You can get blood all over yourself, your partner, the sheets, the bed, and everywhere else around you, especially if you have a heavy period. This can make many women self-conscious, and anxiety can take all of the fun out of sex. One more thing you might want to consider is STIs, as mentioned above. Just remember to tell your partner to wear protection, and you’ll be safe. And finally, no matter how obvious this one is, do not forget to take out your tampon if you use them! Some women might forget to do this, and sex can push tampons much further inside than you would with your fingers, and you’ll need the help of a doctor to fish it out.

Is oral okay?

If you have no problems with having your partner taste your blood, and if they are okay with having blood all over their face, then oral is not an issue! Again, if you have any STDs, it’s not going to be safe, so you should skip it. It won’t be so clean, and the smell and taste will be different, of course. You can use a tampon to make things less messy and to make you feel more confident, but just remember to take it out if you end up having sex.

Tips and tricks!

Obviously, talk with your partner to find out whether they are okay with blood. Tell them what you think about sex during period, and if you sense that they are hesitant, then you should skip the whole ordeal. If you don’t want to feel “dirty”, take a shower to clean the blood from your folds. Protect your bed by spreading a dark towel underneath the two of you, as it will soak up all the blood and make cleaning faster. Bring wet-wipes and soft tissues to the bedroom to clean yourself and your partner! If you feel that your go-to positions are making things painful, switch it up a bit until you find a comfortable one. And if you’re feeling kinky, try using a blindfold – this way you won’t see any blood, and your senses will be heightened for extra pleasure! And finally, if sex is the last thing on your mind when you’re bloated and in pain, it’s okay to skip it.

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