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OnlyFans And the Pandemic – The Most Popular Way to Generate a Side Income since 2020?

If you are any informed about the porn industry and sex work, you know what OnlyFans is. The app became very popular during the Covid lockdowns in 2020. This subscription-based app received a lot of attention in the spring and summer of that year. Maybe the diversity of content creators is what started attracting people. After all, OnlyFans became a platform for entertainers, artists and sex workers, a way to monetize their popularity. And the best thing about it was the simplicity. This, and how easy it was to rake in large amounts of money very fast.

Basically, to use OnlyFans, you do not need a special talent. There are no complicated manuals and instructions on how to create your account. No complicated tools, no putting effort into creating content that is too creative and unique. All you have to do is post risqué content. If you are already a movie star or singer, you do not even need that. Some celebs have never posted nudes or erotic photos and clips, but they somehow managed to earn more than others. There are no rules here. If people like you, they pay for your face. And when it is the pandemic, you cannot really be picky.

Fun fact – OnlyFans can thank Instagram for its popularity. When the latter cracked down, OnlyFans was the only app of this kind where you could see nudes. Also, the list of both OF porn stars and celebrities got bigger during the pandemic.
But did you know they almost barred sexually suggestive content from the site in August 2021? They had planned to, but sex workers complained. After all, this is how they manage to generate a side income. To someone, this is the only source of income. Luckily, OnlyFans still allows explicit content.

Earning Money on OnlyFans

When you want to subscribe to a channel, the minimum price is 5 dollars monthly. There is also the maximum price – 50 dollars per month! So, every content creator has the right to set their prices. Now, imagine you are a content creator who charges 5 bucks a month. You already know the app is a hit now, and you will have a lot of subscribers. Let’s say you have 100 people who pay for your content every month. That is 500 dollars monthly for you. What’s even better, it probably takes a small portion of your time to create this content.

What happens with those who charge 50 dollars a month? Some of them have a small number of subscribers, but even 10 of them means 500 bucks every month! Imagine 100 subscribers and the 50-dollar rate. That is a small fortune every month during the pandemic! And you do not even work too hard. You have this, and you have extra costs. Content creators charge private messages and additional material extra. You also have tips and loyal fans who cannot wait to splurge on you. There are always people who will pay even more to see you do something specific. Maybe take a shower, or just tell a joke. It depends on your audience.

But here’s the catch – there are now way too many content creators on OnlyFans! The stiffer the competition is, the harder it is for you to earn. You need good content and a bit of luck. Sometimes you are lucky when you are gorgeous. Other times, when you are creative and funny. Maybe just really, really sexy. You also have to create on a consistent basis for months! Some invest weeks, but it is usually longer. It takes time and effort.

Is It Free of Privacy Risks?

People often want to know if OnlyFans is 100% anonymous. And this is the harsh truth – there are always privacy risks. You never know who may find you and subscribe to see your content. This can be your boss, a relative, neighbor, family member… This is out of your control. It is also the reason why there aren’t even more people on the platform. Maybe if there weren’t any risks of this kind, we would all create content here!

So, what can you do if you do not want familiar faces to find you? You have two options. One of them is to use a stage name, and this is something many do. With a fake name, no one can find you easily. But even with a fake name, people you know can still spot you if they use the app. Especially if your account is popular already! They do not have to know it is you, they will want to see who you are. You can also create an anonymous account. However, if you do this, you will probably earn less. When you are not visible as others, you gain fewer subscribers.

So, as you can see, the risks are there and we cannot avoid them. We do not want people we know to find us here out of many reasons. It can ruin relationships, affect your career… Maybe you lose some great opportunities because you do not seem professional anymore. The question really is – are you ready to try OnlyFans risking that someone will recognize you? Once you create your account, you are exposed. Everyone can see you. but then again, the more they do, the more you may earn. This is very inconvenient because we do need more people to see us here to generate bigger incomes.

A Sexual Revolution and An Inviting Opportunity

What makes OnlyFans so enticing is that it welcomes people of all ages. Many mature women who couldn’t be as promiscuous as they wanted when they were younger can try it now! You will find many real housewives on the platform. They post their nudes and semi-nudes. Sometimes they are in short clips, where they do something sexy. Some of them try pool sex. Many of them goof around with younger men. You can see how they spend their pandemic days.

We have MILFs, we have celebs and we also have young college girls. There are also gays on the platform, transexual people, straight men and lesbians. And let’s not forget porn stars, who are mostly pansexual! Literally anyone can create an account and be who they want to be here. This is a place where you can be a person from your sex dreams. Fantasies. And the best part about OnlyFans is that there is always someone who wants to see this version of you. You can be young or older, sex-crazed or just slightly curious to explore your sexuality. It does not matter if you seek attention or you just need easy money. OnlyFans opens many doors and you can show all your skills to thrive!

Why is this another sexual revolution? This collision of tech world and sex work is very powerful. People only have to be ready to get out of their comfort zones. If they can do that, they set their own prices and parameters. You are free from the old standards, and you start exploring a whole new world of possibilities. The pandemic left you financially strapped, but now you can find ways to provide for your family again. You also choose who follows your work. When you think about it, it’s too tempting!

From Patreon to Onlyfans?

Have you heard of Patreon? This used to be a great platform for posting erotic content. But when they banned all kinds of explicit material, sex workers were grateful for OnlyFans. In fact, you have many articles on OnlyFans stars, who openly talk about it. Stephanie Michelle is a successful content creator and she talks about her experiences. She praises OnlyFans for being a net positive platform. According to her, we can all reconsider what it means to sell our image, body and likeness.

Stephanie is one of many content creators who sell pictures of their breasts. She does not have to do anything she does not want to. Every time she is online, she only agrees to what makes her comfortable. And yet, she supports her jobless husband and provides for herself. During the pandemic, it’s God-given! She is open-minded and thinks that doing this job should not be considered unethical. We can see sex work as sports. When we think about it, sport people also sell their bodies. It is just that they move them differently. They kick balls, use rackets and run. Sex workers also move, but their moves are sensual.

What is also cool about OnlyFans is that you do not have to do anything sexy. If you want to sell videos of you cooking, that is fine! Maybe they will not be as popular as sexy pics, but that is an option. Some celebs also used OnlyFans to earn by promising explicit material. But when people gave them money, they posted nothing risqué. This is unethical, and not the sex work. If you feel good in your skin and love your body, why not expose your best assets?

Right Place, Right Time and The Good Tactics

OnlyFans showed up in the right time with all the right tools. It is not just a platform where you can post sexy content for money. Their presentation and site’s features is what made them so successful as well. On OnlyFans, you can post photos just like on Instagram. There is an option to post videos like you can do it on YouTube. And when you want to chat and send messages, you have this feature too. Just like on Twitter or Facebook! The combination of all these details made the app so appealing to the majority.

OnlyFans creators wanted to make something new and different, but to deal with the old preferences of ours. A new platform with all the erotica that no one can resist and all these great additions? A jackpot! They also encouraged content creators to connect with their fans more. That was a very smart move because these special messages and comments from your idol sure makes you want to splash out! And to think that you get your salary from people that like you… These people are your loyal fans, they support your work. They want to see you thrive and succeed. It makes things even sweeter, doesn’t it?

OnlyFans was just what we needed at the time when we needed something new so badly to get us going. In 2020 and 2021, it is what saved us from going mad. The pandemic was cruel and the lockdowns were even crueler, but OnlyFans helped people earn and find fun. It is a great side job, but also for those who do not have any job at all. You just have to be persistent and patient. Do you think you have what it takes?

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