5 Tips for Joining a Pornsite

1. Read our Reviews – CAREFULLY

We are always trying to inform you about all the important facts (pros and cons) you should know before joining a porn paysite. In reason of the fast data-highway, some websites are going to change their look-a-like, content and prices at certain times. Therefore we can not assume responsibility for prices, payment methods or any other informations which are given on reviews, but we try to have everything up to date. So, if you are searching for a specific type of porn or niche, always make sure to check out at least two sites and the date of publishing to get the most for your money!

Please also note: If you recognize something unacceptable after you’ve joined a paysite (check if we have this site in our directory), please drop us a line at [email protected].

2. Always read the small/fine print!

Finally found a porn site you would like to join? Well done! But thats the part where your brain and not your dick should start working. By joining an adult site ALWAYS read carefully the small & fine print! Even if prices are not marked with a star or a small number, take your time and scroll through the whole payment site. And also note: Even if a website is named or is advertising with “free lifetime membership/access” ALWAYS watch out and look for cross sells to avoid beeing charged more than the price advertised.

Many porn sites are offering you special deals on one or more additional sites. These offers are called cross sales (x-sales). Usually you are going to find these on the page where you fill in your credit card or other payment informations. Sometimes they also can be found on the join-page, hidden in the terms & conditions or written in small/fine print right under the prices. Almost everytime, the checkboxes for the cross sales are pre-checked, so if you’re in a rush to sign up, you may not notice that are you going to join more than the porn site you want to.


3. Do you really need it?

You have already red more than enough reviews, selected a site you would like to join and scanned the whole payment site for unwanted charges? Alright, but do you really need it? If you are in the rush to watch some porn and start jerking-off your dick, you may sign up to something you usually wouldn’t. So always ask yourself: Do I really need it? Let me give you an example: If you are a fan of Abella Danger and you want to watch every movie where she is taking part – no doubt, join her site! But if you only would like to see a busty brunette model getting fucked, I wouldn’t recommend you to join this site – cause you simply have no variation!

4. Am I able to afford this?

Successfully finished the three points above? Good job! Now there’s only one question left: Am I able to afford this? Before joining an adult pornsite (especially cam sites) you should check your bank account, to see if you are able to pay the costs. Please: To avoid financial & personal problems, ALWAYS join a website ONLY if you are ABLE to. If you don’t have the money to afford the costs, don’t join a website.

5. Don’t forget to cancel your membership if you doesn’t need/use it anymore!

If you are not using your premium/payed account anymore, don’t forget to cancel your membership to avoid automatically rebills and beeing charged. Having problems by cancelling your membership account? Drop us a line at [email protected] and we are trying to help you!

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