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Hentaied.com Review and Details

Hentaied.com – real-life Hentai. Hentai has been a genre for centuries, but it has recently hit western societies.  Thanks to the many technological advances, Hentai only improves as time passes. Somehow the majority of Hentai that is online is still somewhat mediocre or below par to the standard of quality people are used to. Hentaied.com noticed the trend and decided to create a subgenre of Hentai that has not yet been deeply explored. Adult entertainment has tried to cater to the Anime loving audience but has failed with its quality and upload consistency. Their website is sleek and responsive, with an impressive look in its design. With their high-quality production equipment, they’re set out to create the best real-life Hentai porn videos available.

Why Hentai is so popular

No matter how many people deny watching it, it’s still extremely popular for a reason. Regular pornographic films can get stale and a little boring, so most people like to immerse themselves in different scenarios that are not possible in real life. While watching regular porn, people never come across certain categories such as tentacles, monsters, futanari, furries, etc. Even the small amount that is available isn’t all that great. Besides, people often get bored of regular scenes and look for something new to dwell on. That’s one of the many reasons Hentai is so popular. Most companies have not dabbled in creating Hentai within the real-world parameters due to its complexity and the quality necessary to make it good. If the CGI or camera work is slightly off, it offsets the whole scene and ruins the experience for the viewer.

Combining Hentai with reality – Hentaied

Although the concept isn’t completely new, the availability of such content is extremely scarce and is rarely any good. The technological boom that we’ve been experiencing has immensely helped Hentaied.com on its mission to create immersive real-life Hentai movies. They have achieved their goal using CGI with known and unknown pornstars and are still going strong with creating content. Seeing the well-known scenes be acted out on real stunning women has been a dream for many, and now it’s a reality. Some of the movies are considered to be solo scenes, but the audience is purposefully led to believe that behind the camera, there is a monster or a squid that’s using its tentacles on the girls. Whether you like the more sensual tentacle porn where the girl is enjoying herself or, the more hardcore where the actress is tied down and ravaged in each hole, Hentaied.com has it covered. The talent is dressed up in anime attire, further immersing the viewers in the scene. All of the videos are shot in 4K quality and often end in massive cumshots, creampies, or facials.

Premium content requires membership

Hentaied.com is a premium website. Hence they require membership. The only pieces of content that are offered for free are the thumbnails and a short version of the movie to give its users an idea of what the scene is about. Amongst the membership plans available, they offer:

  • Trial membership 1 day, 5.99 – best for users new to the genre and interested in seeing what the fuss is all about
  • Full access 30 days, 29.70 – offers unlimited streaming and all of the available content
  • Full access 180 days, 118.80 – offers unlimited streaming and all of the available content

Alongside regular currency, paying for 6-month membership is also available in crypto, as well as gift cards from popular brands. By becoming a member, users gain access to all of the content, which is updated every two weeks. Considering the production value of the movies, it’s an impressive amount of updates. Besides being available on PCs, Hentaied.com is also available for smartphones and tablets. The payment is secure, and the billing is discrete.

For whom is Hentaied.com the go-to site

Regular fans of Anime and Hentai are guaranteed to be impressed by the phenomenal quality of the movies on Hentaied.com. Audiences that enjoy Ahegao and tentacle porn but have never seen them integrated into real life will be pleasantly surprised when watching these videos. Somehow they’ve managed to make the actresses look like real-life Anime characters. The sound effects in the scenes aid in putting the viewer inside the scene, so headphones are recommended. Becoming a member of Hentaied.com, you will be greeted by a new and exciting genre that’s packed with top-notch acting and quality!

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52+ Scenes (on average about 20+ Minutes per Video)

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